Maureen Cullum

Maureen Cullum has over 30 years of experience as a senior financial executive for media, entertainment, and life sciences companies, with most of that time spent serving as the CFO and statutory director or officer of start-up joint ventures and small and medium-sized enterprises in both Europe and the U.S. She was the CFO on original management teams for both HBO and NYNEX Yellow Pages in Poland, and served as COO and CFO for a movie channel joint venture owned by Sony and Disney in the Netherlands and UK.  Maureen also worked for Sony’s International TV Finance group monitoring its India Networks operations, and gained experience in the life sciences space through CFO roles for medical device and cancer diagnostic emerging stage businesses in Colorado and California.  Maureen’s experience building finance and accounting organizations, evaluating and establishing complex legal and tax structures, and managing internal controls and compliance within companies allows Ms. Cullum to bring relevant financial and operations management expertise to the Advisory Board of Duffy’s Dough.  

Ms. Cullum received her Bachelor of Science degree from the Boston College School of Management and holds an MBA from Bentley College.  Maureen is a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional (CCEP) and currently serves as Executive Director, Corporate Monitoring and Compliance Service at Affiliated Monitors, Inc.