Doug Hammond

A relentless whole-system thinker, Doug began his entrepreneurial career in corporate responsibility and social enterprise at age 23, when he founded Relief Resources in 1979, the first company in the U.S. dedicated to creating a sustainable personnel system for not-for-profit/social service sector. He successfully built that business into a nationally recognized model that integrated corporate responsibility and sustainable community economic development practices, while employing more than 10,000 individuals during 30 years of operation and impact. A classic serial entrepreneur, he subsequently launched an array of social enterprises, small businesses and not-for-profit organizations utilizing his understanding of organizational development and community system design.

He was a founding partner in Burns & Hammond, a consultancy that worked with companies, communities and countries seeking to leverage sustainability as a key business evolution strategy. He has designed strategic roadmaps and platforms for a diverse array of local, regional, national and global clients and has served in board leadership positions for numerous education, environmental and social justice community organizations.

Doug has also been integral to the founding, successful development and leadership of many of today’s prominent national and international sustainable business associations including Business for Social Responsibility, Business Alliance for Local Living Economies and the American Sustainable Business Council. In partnership with the Social Venture Network, he co-authored The New Corporate Vision Project, one of the first business manuals designed to integrate sustainability standards theory into practice. 

In 2015 he was introduced to Kangaroo Coffee and Colorado Springs. fell in love with the business and the community and has served as its CEO ever since; growing the company, expanding its social impact and generally having a blast while limiting himself to one cup of java a day.