About Duffy’s Dough

How Our Homemade Sourdough Starter Company Came to Be

Owners of Sourdough Starter Company

Patrick and Linda have both made their ways as working actors, largely on television and on stage. Acting life means that a certain portion of each year is spent on the road either on tour or on location. They are both grateful to continue the adventure of being actors.

More importantly, family has been the focus of each of their lives and raising their boys, three now-men between them. Two of them have wonderful families of their own with two children each.

Connection to nature is also very important to each of them and they are blessed to be able to make that connection at home in Colorado, California and Mexico. Hikes, bike rides, skiing, swimming…all welcome activities.

A primary influence between the pair has been Japan. Patrick has been a practicing Nichiren Buddhist for over 50 years and Linda was raised in Tokyo. Another common influence is the West, for which they both have a strong penchant. Patrick was born and spent his formative years in Montana, and Linda’s familial home has been located in Colorado for the past 35 years.

In addition to acting, family, and nature – friends are an important part in the balance of their lives…the histories, loyalties, laughter…the love and ongoing inspirations they afford.

From Patrick Duffy…

“Some of our happiest memories in life have happened in kitchens full of family and friends, Now, we hope to not only share those moments in real time but also inspire people to create their own good times. Out of an abundance of gratitude for the good fortune we have experienced in our lives, we are very excited to be on an adventure to proactively cultivate joy.

Sharing life with my partner, the amazing Linda Purl(!), I would make rolls, etc. for dinners that we would host. Armed anew with guests’ reactions, also inspirations from family friend and entrepreneur, Lance Stuart, our imaginations were ignited. We began to flesh out the notion of taking this germ of an idea commercial… but only if it maintained the concept of sharing between friends and contributing to the general well-being of people.

We continued to take rolls and breads to friend’s homes whenever we went for dinners. One of those dinners was at Steve and Christy Kaczmarek’s. The conversation flowed, Linda and I pitched the idea of creating a business to be called Duffy’s Dough. Central to the idea would be that, in time, Duffy’s Dough would be able to support causes we believe in. Those include world hunger, education and the environment. Steve, with his incredible business acumen, began to make the possibilities of starting a homemade sourdough starter company real and together we started, in earnest, on the journey of Duffy’s Dough as an entity.

All of this progress continually returns to the simple reality of coming downstairs in the morning and being welcomed by that amazing odor of the starter brimming with new life. The rest of the procedure is my meditation of gratitude as I mix the new batch of batter, knead the dough, and see it rise and blossom. There is no match for the smell of rolls in the oven and the taste of one fresh out with a dollop of butter (and maybe a cup of coffee). And to do this with family and friends, and strangers alike, gives us the real window of hope and possibility for everything human.”